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The Gourmet Gang believes in putting thoughts into actions and we respect the people and organizations that are trying to just that to make a difference in our community.  We recognize and acknowledge that there are numerous causes worthy of support and try to say “YES” to requests for assistance whenever fiscally possibly.  Our energy is focused on causes that  work to empower kids to recognize their potential and develop grit.

The Gourmet Gang strives to be good corporate citizens in our surrounding communities. Our guiding principles:  "In What We Believe In" states that it is our chosen responsibility to make substantial and significant contributions in order to strengthen the health, social, education and cultural fabric of our community.

We recognize and acknowledge that there are numerous causes worthy of support, however we feel that by focusing our energy and resources in just a few areas that specifically reach out to children and their families will make a greater impact especially to those that need our help most.


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Donation Request

Since the late ninteties, The Gourmet Gang has directed our community involved towards supporting these children focused charities:

For Kids

The Noblemen

Camp Trident

Junior Achievement 

Our overall goal in these partnerships are to support local underprivileged youths. At the present time, we are streamiing all of our main efforts directly to Camp Trident. This annual summer camp assists in developing male teenagers through activities that enhance teamwork, self confidence and perspective.

The camp leaders help accomplish this through intensive mentorship and constant exposure to positive role models in an austere, stressing and controlled environment. 

We humbly appreciate that you've considered The Gourmet Gang in your endeavors to support your very important efforts or cause and we wish you the very best in your fundraising. 



We believe in sustainability and assisting our world in keeping a low carbon footprint and by buying locally & regionally we support our partners & purveyors right here in our neighborhood. Hampton Roads and across the water in the Eastern Shore is home to countless local farms, fields & more than 100 different local crops including our very own self sustained herb garden located at our local catering kitchen.

We are mindful & open to planning any special dietary needs or allergies that our clients may have. We are also proud to feature vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free items on our daily bistro menus and our custom full service event catering menus.

We write our menus for each season. We pair our menu items to match the feeling that you get from fall air, the winter & holiday spirit and the pep in your step when spring & summer arrive. We look forward to freach local peaches in July and plump pumpkins in the late fall and early winter.

Hand Crafted
In everything that we do, we do the old fashioned way, we prepare everything from scratch. This means we employ more chefs and cooks because we do things by hand rather than buiying prepared or frozen ingredients. Why do we do this? Because it tastes better and we pride ourselves on serving the best food we can. 

Go Green


We recycle in all of our bistros, catering kitchen, office and at our events. Maybe you've noticed that the largest changes at The Gang has been to implement recycled materials and sustainable service wear that is available to all of our clients. 


You may not have known this but along with our combined green efforts, we've added composting to our endeavors. There are quite a few of us that compost already in our homes and by joining like minds & big hearts we were able to begin composting for our gardens and future farm....

Future Farming

We are very excited about our future farm on the eastern shore. In the upcoming year, our customers and clients will benefit from our very own produce that is grown by our team & master gardner and Chef, Robert Rankin.