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Weekly Specials

Bistro Menu

June 18 - June 22

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Mediterranean Tuna Wrap

with celery, black olives, red bell pepper, feta cheese & mayo topped with field grees and roma tomatoes served on your choice of wrap

Grilled Pineapple & Avocado Bowl

with jalapenos, onions, cilantro, jasmine rice & spinach blend with a citrus vinaigrette

Lemon Basil Penne Pasta

  with parmesan cheese and fresh basil


Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu

grilled chicken, swiss cheese, ham & honey mustard on a french baguette 






Sandwiches and Wraps

Available as a deli wrap, on a platter or  in box,
see below.

Deli Meat

Turkey and Provolone

with fresh basil mayo and roasted red peppers on a french baguette

Sammie Wammie

turkey with thousand island dressing, coleslaw and swiss cheese on ciabatta

Ham and Swiss

with field greens and roma tomatoes and chipolte pepper and adobo mayo, on ciabatta bread 

Roast Beef, Bacon and Cheddar

premium eye-of-round with horseradish mayo on a french baguette

Italian Sandwich

hard salami, feta cheese, red onions and field greens on sundried tomato ciabatta with balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side





Teriyaki Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken with jasmine rice, pineapple salsa and oriental dressing on a garlic wrap

Southwestern Wrap

Spicy chicken breast, jasmine rice, black bean and corn salsa on a sun dried tomato wrap

Blackened Chicken Breast

with provolone cheese and roasted red peppers red and pepper mayo on a french baguette

Traditional Chicken Salad

with field greens and roma tomatoes on a french baguette

Sante Fe Chicken

with roasted red peppers, melted cheddar and roasted red pepper mayo on a french baguette 





North Carolina Barbecue

with traditional coleslaw on a french baguette





Tequila Lime Shrimp Wrap

marinated shrimp, jasmine rice, pineapple salsa with a zesty lime mayo served on a garlic wrap

Baked Crab Cake

with field greens, roma tomatoes and red pepper mayo on french bread

Glazed Salmon

with red onion, field greens & roma tomatoes served on rosemary ciabatta with cusabi spread

Albacore Tuna Salad

with celery, scallions, mayonnaise, field greens and roma tomatoes on a french baguette




Fresh Mozzarella

with micro basil, roma tomatoes, basil mayo and sprinkled with cracked pepper and sea salt served on ciabatta

Grilled Vegetable

zucchini, portobello mushrooms, peppers, red onion, eggplant, provolone cheese with basil mayo on a french baguette

Spinach Wrap

fresh spinach, bound with feta, egg & bread crumbs with field greens and tomatoes on a spinach wrap with red pepper mayo




Smoked Tempeh and Avocado Sandwich

tempeh, lettuce, tomato, avocado, vegenaise served on a french baguette

Southwestern Vegan Burger

jasmine rice, black beans, roasted corn, peppers, onions, green chilies & cilantro bound in to a patty with avocado, lettuce & tomato with & vegan mayo served on a tomato wrap





Larger Portions Available:
Medium serves (6-8) & Large serves ( 8 -10)

Albacore Tuna Salad with Pasta D'Jour

and fresh fruit served with crackers 

Classic Chef Salad

turkey, ham, roma tomatoes, shredded cheddar, boiled egg, cucumbers, homemade croutons over a bed of greens with your choice of dressing

Baja Salad

 with black bean & corn salsa, diced roma tomatoes and tri-color tortilla strips with cilantro vinaigrette

Chicken, Shrimp and Tofu Available As An Additional Topping

Greek Salad

with feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onion, red bell peppers, cucumber and homemade croutons served over mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Chicken, Shrimp and Tofu Available As An Additional Topping

Chinese Salad

 with snow peas, red peppers, green onion, black sesame seeds and red & white cabbage over a bed of oriental salad blend with an oriental ginger dressing and wonton noodles

Chicken, Shrimp and Tofu Available As An Additional Topping

Chicken Salad with Pasta D'Jour

and fresh fruit served with crackers

California Cobb Salad

turkey, bacon, roma tomatoes, boiled egg, crumbled blue cheese and homemade croutons over a bed of greens with bleu cheese dressing

Classic Caesar Salad

with shaved parmesan, homemade croutons and a side of Mediterranean Pasta 
Chicken, Shrimp and Tofu Available As An Additional Topping

Garden Salad

mixed greens, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, croutons & a single house dressing






Plain Sea Salt

*Gluten Free

Sour Cream & Onion

*Gluten Free

Maui Onion

*Gluten Free

Salt & Vinegar

*Gluten Free

Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt

*Gluten Free

Jalapeno Heat

*Gluten Free


*Gluten Free





Peak Lemonade Iced Tea

18.5 oz 


.5 L

Bag of Ice

5lb bag

Bottled Beverages, Soda, Tea & Water

Coke Products (20 oz.)
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dasani Water, Perrier

Juices By The Bottle

Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Grapefruit Juice (10 oz. plastic bottle)

Beverage Service

Coffee, Tea, Cider Beverage Service(Available for Full Service Events Only)  1 Carafe (serves 10-12) – ½ Cambro (serves 45-50 cups) – 1 Large Cambro (serves 80-90 cups)

Coffee To Go

Coffee or Hot Tea (Barnie's Blend) Regular or Decaffeinated with assorted creamers, sugar and sweet and low 1 Coffee-to-Go (serves 10-12) (disposable container) –1 Large Coffee-to-Go (serves 45 cups) (disposable container)...

Raspberry Lemonade with Mint

Gallon (serves up to 20 - 6oz portions)

Sparkling Citrus Punch

Gallon (serves up to 20 - 6oz portions)

Gallon Beverages

Pink Lemonade, Green Tea, Sweet Tea, Raspberry Iced Tea or  Unsweetened Tea Served with sugar and sweet and low  (serves up to 16 - 8oz portions)

Orange, Cranberry or Apple Juice

Gallon (serves 20 - 6oz portions)

Peak Un-Sweet Tea

18.5 oz

Peak Sweet Tea

18.5 oz

Peak Diet Tea

18.5 oz

Peak Green Tea

18.5 oz

Peak Lemon Tea

18.5 oz


20 oz


20 oz

Diet Coke

20 oz


20 oz



Box Lunches

(Additional for Crab Cake/Shrimp or Vegan options when available) Sandwiches/wraps in our boxed lunches & platters are served cold

party platter


fruit and bar dessert


pasta and bar dessert


pasta and cookie


fruit and cookie


chips and cookie




Side Items

Side Items

4 oz. (single serving) 2lb. Small (5-8 guests) 4lb. Medium (10-16 guests) 7lb. Large (20-28 guests)

Potato Salad D’Jour 
4 oz. 2lb  4lb  7lb

Pasta Salad D’Jour
4 oz. 2lb  4lb  7lb

Fruit Salad
4 oz. 2lb  4lb  7lb

Mediterranean Pasta Salad
4 oz. 2lb  4lb  7lb




Rice Crispy Squares

Large Individual Sized Rice Crispy Squares with Chocolate

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Heath Cookie


Marble Cheese Cake

Marble Cheese Cake

Pecan Cappuccino

Pecan Cappuccino

Caramel Apple

Apple Bar

Oreo Dream

Oreo Dream

Luscious Lemon

Luscious Lemon Bar

Cookie Box

40 Assorted Mini Cookies

Dessert Tray

A Platter of 32 Miniature Desserts that include
Pecan Cappuccino, Marble Cheesecake, Luscious Lemon and Caramel Apple

Dessert Bars

Pecan Cappuccino   Marble Cheese Cake   Luscious Lemon   Caramel Apple   Oreo Dream  
Peanut Butter Brownie Bar