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Assorted Bagels

Plain, Cinnamon Raisin, Blueberry, Sesame and Whole Wheat. Quartered and served with our Signature Hand Blended Cream Cheese Assortments and Butter Cups 

Assorted Breakfast Platter

Mini Assortment of Bagel Bites, Muffins, Cinnamon Buns, & Assorted Biscotti

Assorted Danishes and Cinnamon Buns

Freshly Baked Assorted Danishes and Cinnamon Buns Cut in Halves and Displayed on a Platter. 


(Serves 8 - 12 Guests)

Classic Mini Muffins

An Assortment of Home made Miniature Muffins

24 pieces

Egg Biscuits

Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits

Egg, Cheese and Potato Casserole

(Serves 12 –15 guests)

Vegan Breakfast Casserole

Layered with Red Bliss Potatoes, Tofu, and a Medley of Portobella Mushrooms, Red Peppers, Green Onions, Black Beans and Corn. Served with Mild Salsa on the Side.

(Serves 12 – 15 Guests)

Ham Biscuits or Pork or Turkey Sausage Biscuits

Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits Stuffed with Your Choice: Shaved Ham, Pork Sausage, or Turkey Sausage. Served with Honey Mustard on the Side

12 served in a Hot Box

Hand Pressed Miniature Quiche

Spinach, Vegetable,  Ham & Cheese, Broccoli

12 Bite-Sized Melt in Your Mouth Mini Quiche Served in a Hot Box

Mini Ham Croissants
Crisp, Light and Flaky Croissants stuffed with Shaved Ham 
12 Served on a Platter with Honey Mustard on the Side
Potatoes O'Brien

(Serves 10 – 12 guests)

Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes

(Serves 10 – 12 guests)

Scrambled Eggs

(Serves 12 –15 guests)

Scrambled Eggs with Cheese

(Serves 12 – 15 Guests)

Turkey or Sausage Patties

(Serves 8-12 Guests)

Miniature Stuffed Bagel Bites

16 Assorted Bagel Bites to include Plain, Everything , Blueberry Bagels

Yogurt With Fresh Fruit
9 Assorted Cups