Corona virus preparation is coming at us hard and fast!  Truth be told, I can’t think of a company more prepared to handle this rapidly changing situation than the Gourmet Gang.  You guys are a great team and we appreciate your professionalism during this unchartered time.


We want to explain a few things to hopefully help you rest a little easier over the weekend. 


School Closures

The Governor has closed all Public schools for a minimum of two weeks.  In anticipation Clare has already contacted each manager to discuss which employees will be affected and plans have been made accordingly for back filling any open positions.  If anything changes with your child care contact your manager immediately so we can make proper arrangements and work together. 


State of Emergency Declaration

A State of Emergency Declaration frees up resources to aid local governments in helping to alleviate damages, losses and or hardship associated with disaster – such as the Corona Virus Pandemic.  It also allows the State access to federal government funds.


Emergency Legislation

The House of Representatives has passed emergency legislation, “Coronavirus Economic Relief Act”.   The Senate is expected to vote Monday on this legislation.   Once it passes the Senate and signed by the President, we will send an update to all employees.


Social Distancing

As social distancing becomes the norm, please see the video link to help you understand safe practices.  In preparation for this compliance and in an effort to help government officials contain the virus, we may close the dining room portion of our stores.   We are not taking these measures as of yet but  are prepared to in the event we find it necessary to operate safely and err or the side of precaution.



New Sources of Revenue

Sales may drop this coming week as customers adapt. Please note we will shift our models and focus on delivery and pick upIf things continue to escalate, we also anticipate new revenue streams will be presenting themselves in conjunction with the Coronavirus Economic Relief Act.  As always, we will do our best to find new sources of business.  We have already reached out to the Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake Emergency Managers to offer our services.  If you have any contacts that can help facilitate these conversations please reach out to them at this time and call Clare directly. 


Home Delivery

As many people are asked to work from home, this will be a natural migration and orders will be for quick pick up, curbside and delivery. We are making plans to announce Home Delivery and may do so as soon as Monday.  Tom has set up the Revel system to accept Home Deliveries and is mapping out service areas. Clare has gotten the buy-in from the managers and drivers and we are addressing their comments and suggestions. Higher fees and longer delivery times may apply.  Please let your manager and Clare know if you would like to be trained to help with this possible increase in demand.  


Please let your manager and Clare know if you or a friend whose job has been displaced, would like to be trained for the possible increase in demand.


There will be driver meeting Monday at 8:00 am at the kitchen.



Labor and Cost Control

 As we move forward through this pandemic and with the anticipation of a decline in sales, it will be critically important for you to remain flexible and to be willing to cross train.  At the same time managers at all locations will be monitoring labor very carefully.  Managers may need to cut hours and restrict any over time.  Managers will be required to maintain their labor at 15%.  Any overtime and all office and kitchen hours must be approved by Clare.  Office staff needs to remain flexible and check in and out with Clare daily. Due to this rapidly changing environment please note your duties may be temporarily reassigned, we ask that you remain flexible and as always work as a team. 


Possible increase demand for drivers -   Deli staff should ask your manager about helping out with deliveries, providing home delivery take off in conjunction with school closings and people being asked to work from home.  Please note Home deliveries will carry a larger fee and could be lucrative, provided we can manage to enter this space quickly.  As a reminder if you do help out with deliveries it is our policy to ensure that you clock out before taking the delivery and clock back in after returning from the delivery. Proper hand washing will be mandated each time you washing when reentering the building.   



Good luck regrouping this weekend.  Keep your families safe and don’t hesitate to reach out to Clare directly for any questions you may have. 


Managers please ensure ALL employees are registered and using the means of communication we have establish.


Adapting to the New Reality

We encourage everyone to subscribe to “Headspace”.  It is a free meditation app that helps with stress and trying times.  We all need to keep a level Head and realize these are precautionary measures.  Children will be alarmed. There are great apps on “Headspace that teach self-soothing measures.


We encourage you to try the free trial.


We will be in contact Sunday night or Monday morning depending on any changes to this rapidly developing situation.


GG Management