How much notice is required for deli delivery?

We specialize in fast, efficient delivery. Areas we service can expect lunch in just 45 minutes for most single deli orders, box lunches and platter items. We realize you do not always get advance notice for those “surprise meetings” and lunch gatherings. Regardless, if it is just a few co-workers getting together for lunch or the entire office, we aim to accommodate, and fast!

How much notice is required for catering?

We specialize in being able to accommodate! 24 hours notice is required for all hot entrees and hors d'oeuvres. As a courtesy for those of you who remember to order ahead of time, a staff member will always call to confirm your order the day prior to your delivery. Any changes to your order may be made at this time. We think about your functions so you don’t have to.

How long will it take to get a quote prepared?

Once you call us, we can easily have a quote back to you by the next business day. Remember, this is our business and we provide the best possible service we can.

How much food will I need?

For appetizers preceding a full meal, you should have at least four different types of appetizers and six to eight pieces (total) per person, plus "filler" items like fruit, cheese and/or crudités. For example, say you have 20 guests - In that case, you'd need at least 120 total appetizer pieces.

For appetizers without a meal, you should have at least six different types of appetizers. You should also have 12 to 15 pieces (total) per person, plus "filler" items like fruit, cheese and/or crudités. For example, if you have 20 guests, you need at least 240 total appetizer pieces. This estimate is for a three-hour party. Longer parties require more appetizers.
Our catering sales reps will be happy to help you with your planning.

How are florals and table designs arranged?

Depending on the event, we will let you know what we feel is necessary. We strongly recommend allowing us to quote floral arrangements from Char's Floral Designs. Small arrangements are appropriate for dessert tables, coffee tables and bars. Medium arrangements are recommended for single buffet tables. Large arrangements are typical for large buffet displays. The Gourmet Gang also provides florals for display and for smaller events. Please inquire with our Catering Managers for pricing.

What is the charge for a server and how many will I need?

In order to enjoy your party, we highly recommend using our specially trained servers and bartenders. Most parties are quoted with one server for every 100 people for breakfast events and one server for every 50 people for evening events. There is a minimum of 4 hours per server/bartender/staff member.

What is the typical length of a party?

Each party of course is unique, however we usually recommend planning for 3 – 4 hours, plus set up, breakdown and clean up.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

Cash, Check, Credit Cards

What is the average menu price range?

At the Gourmet Gang we pride ourselves in offering custom menu quotes to fit everyone’s event needs and budget. We also offer some packaged menus which you can view on our website or use as a guide in planning your event. We feel that is it extremely important for our clients to know exactly what they are paying for when they book an event with us, so our quotes will be line-itemed so that you can see exactly how your monies are allocated.

Is an hors d'oeuvre reception a less expensive alternative to a full meal?

Not necessarily, if the reception is early to mid afternoon, then light hors d'oeuvres will work for you. The closer the reception time is to the dinner hour, the heavier the hors d'oeuvre service should be because your guests will be expecting a more substantial meal. An hors d'oeuvre buffet that is offered close to a mealtime will require more food and could be more expensive than a buffet meal. Stations, such as carving stations, fruit and cheese displays, Bruschetta Bars, Raw Bars, etc. can be as filling as a meal. Depending upon how many stations you choose to host, stations can be less expensive than a full buffet meal and less expensive than lots of heavy hors d’oeuvres.

Can I see or taste the foods I am thinking about?

We are happy to have you come and visit our corporate offices and have a tasting. Private tastings can be arranged with no fee to the client after the menu has been chosen and the contract to hold the date is signed. At your tasting you will be able to taste the various Hors D’oeuvres and dips. Typically we do not offer tastings that include the carving items as these are larger cuts of meat and are not able to be properly cooked in smaller quantities. If there is something that you absolutely need to taste to seal the deal,then by all means we will do our best to accommodate you in every way possible.

Do I need to contact a rental company for tables, chairs, linens, plates and silverware?

NO. We work exclusively with Distinctive Event Rentals; their company offers an outstanding selection of everything you need for your event. We can help you determine what is needed, when to have it delivered and where to have everything set up. If you would like to use an outside rental source, this is also fine; we would just like to communicate with that vendor to make sure that everything is in order and the proper sizes and quantities have been ordered.

The Gourmet Gang is happy to work with the florist of your choosing, however we offer a variety of options for table centerpieces and decor to fit within any budget. If you have any questions or need to schedule a consultation with the Florist please do not hesitate to ask your Catering Sales Representative.

Who will help me plan the event and oversee my party on the day of the event?

You may or may not choose to have a professional event coordinator. We do have professional event coordinators who will work directly with you for your event. We can help you with this planning process for a nominal fee. Included in the price of your event is your Captain, who is your personal liason. They are there to help you in taking care of all of your event needs. They are well versed on your event and have been trained in all aspects of service and event procedure.

Can the Gourmet Gang provide a complete staff? What will the staff wear?

The Gourmet Gang can provide wait staff, carvers, and certified bartenders for your function. For formal events, our service staff team will be in traditional white tuxedo shirt, black slacks and a black bow tie. Culinary personnel such as chefs, carvers and kitchen staff will be dressed in chef coats, chef hats and black slacks. For events that might not require formal dress, we have a uniform that consists of a white Polo Shirt with our Company logo and Black slacks with a black apron. We can also customize our dress to fit your function. We have a wide variety of tie colors to match any event. The cost for this additional splash of color will be $5.00 per server booked for your event.

Can the Gourmet Gang provide references and photos of past work?

We have an extensive list of client references that are available for your review on our website and we will be happy to share with you photos from previous events of the displays food etc…during our consultation. A partial listing of our photos is also available in a slide show on our web site.

Is the Gourmet Gang insured?

Yes! We carry a liability insurance policy, which should give you great peace of mind. We can provide you with a copy upon request. We need roughly 48 hours to get this to you and we can send it via email. A hard copy will be printed and put into your catering folder for the day of the event.

How do I go about booking an event? What is the deposit and payment schedule?

At the time your function is booked we require a deposit of 25%. This deposit is non refundable and once we receive your deposit, your event will be considered confirmed. The balance of the invoice is due the day of the event and can be mailed into the office, put on a credit card, or purchase order. If we do have a credit card on file for your event, the remaining balance of the event will be charged to the card on file the day prior to the event, unless otherwise communicated to your Catering Sales Representative. We try very hard to accept any type of payment and make things convenient for our clients. If none of these forms works, please speak with the Catering Director and they will help you in making this payment.

Does the Gourmet Gang make wedding cakes?

At this time, we do not provide wedding cakes. We do however provide cup cakes and dessert stations. We feel that properly preparing and presenting a wedding cake requires a single focus. We work with several reputable bakeries and will gladly refer you to one.

Does the Gourmet Gang have a kitchen that is inspected?

Yes. We operate a commercial kitchen that is inspected regularly by the health department and the Military health inspectors.

Does the Gourmet Gang provide event planning?

Our team of Catering Sales Representatives will coordinate all the details of your event from start to finish. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a large gala, your Catering Sales Representative will work with you to craft a custom menu and assist in selecting linens, floral design, tenting, lighting, and entertainment to create an artful setting. Additional charges may apply. Please ask your Catering Sales Representative for more details.

Will the Gourmet Gang do things like setting up centerpieces & favors?

The Gourmet Gang will be happy to help you with these tasks however, we reserve the right to charge additional set up fees for any additional services that we would provide. Any charges are to cover our labor costs. If you need additional set up that is not detailed in your proposal, please ask your Event Coordinator for additional information.

Can the Gourmet Gang provide the alcohol for my party?

We give our clients the option of providing their own alcohol or using our complete bar service. Our complete service can supply you everything you will need for your bar such as ice, glasses, etc. We can also provide the ABC licence and certified bartenders to setup your bar and serve.