hors d'oeuvre
Staffing & Store Mood
Volume of Music
Are all customers greeted upon arrival
"Please & Thank You" are part of every sentence & transaction
"Warm & Fuzzy" with all all our customers
Light-hearted & Professional with all conversations
Consistent, fair & firm with all conversations
Are all products being made according to GG specifications??
Are the gloves at the pack station?
Are all sandwiches and wraps being placed on butcher/wax paper to be picked up, checked and wrapped by the packer/Manager?
Are all sandwiches being cut all the way through?
86 List Today
Are all orders being produced within 5 minutes?
Taking Orders
P/Up - has phone number?
Times are on Pick Up?
Delivery has correct address?
Delivery has Zone and Time?
Comps are Signed?
Voids are Signed?
Product, Temps and Presentation
Any Outdated Food?
Are All Food Service Areas Clean and Free of Debris?
Are Stations Being Kept Closed When Not in Use?
Are Employees Properly Using Gloves When Handling Food?
Is the Dining Area Tidy and Free of Debris?
Are the Fridge Doors Free of Food and Debris?
Are All Areas of the Deli Properly Organized?
Are All the Beverages in the Soda Fridge Properly Stocked and Rotated?
Are All Beverage Labels Facing Forward?
Is the Chip Basket Filled and Are All Facing Forward?
Is the Cookie Basket Filled & Presentable?
Deliveries, CSDRs
Have All the Orders Departed On time for the Drivers?
Are All Delivery Orders Being Refrigerated Properly?
Are All the CSDRs Wearing the Correct Uniform?
Have All the Deliveries Been Checked Out on the Drivers' Log?
Were You Missing Any Items?
Did Your Deli Have to Pay a Driver to Pick Up Additional Items?
Was Your Packout Sheet Left With Your Packout?
Was there a Negative Packout?
Was it in the Computer?
Did You Receive Your Packout Driver Delivery Log?
Product Utensils
Are Scoops Being Used on all Food Items?
Bleu Cheese Crumbles (Blue)?
Feta Cheese (Blue)
Med Pasta (Grey)
Pasta D'Jour (Grey)
Croutons (Grey)
Chopped Tomatoes (Red)?
Shredded Cheddar (Blue)
Parmesan Cheese (Blue)?
Jasmine Rice (Blue)
Tuna Salad (White)
Chicken Salad (White)
Fruit Salad (White)
Cabbage/Carrot Blend (Blue)
Chopped Egg (Blue)
Pineapple Salsa (Blue)
Black Bean/Corn Salsa (Blue)
Green Onions (Purple)
Red Peppers (Red)
Staff & Uniform
Is Deli Properly Staffed?
Overall Uniform Score: 1=Poor; 5=Best